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Alan Shinkfield’s “A Layman's Understanding of The Book Of Revelation!” explores the deeper meanings of the Book of Revelation

February 20, 2021: “A Layman's Understanding Of The Book Of Revelation!” is a book that has been written by Alan Shinkfield who in his book ponders about the deeper philosophical truths expressed in the Book of Revelation. As a child, the author felt a strong connection to the Book of Revelation even though the imagery and ideas expressed in it were often considered to be scary for most people. Book of Revelation depicts God as a really vengeful God. However, such elements were also expressed pr eviously in the Bible’s Old Testament. What really matter the most now is the need tao apply the ideas expressed in Book of Revelation and pave the way for a better future wherein people believe and act upon the belief that there is a creation God as well as Jesus Christ who is His Sacrificial Son.

By analyzing the ideas presented in Book of Revelation, author Alan Shinkfield found that the event of plagues that was mentioned in Book of Revelation in relation to God's will was used in Tribulation and also a number of times prior to that. The plagues occurred in Egypt and served as a way to bring back all scattered and wayward Israelites to the fold. The author pleads with his readers to understand and accept the fact that they belong to a world where there is no certainty. Humans have no control over life and death and therefore they only have the choice to believe in the ideas expressed in the Book of Revelation or effectively suffer the plagues promised in the Revelation. The author also wishes that God assists every human being to help them in their decision making.

About “A Layman's Understanding Of The Book Of Revelation!”: “A Layman's Understanding Of The Book Of Revelation!” is a book written by author Alan Shinkfield who discusses the deeper ideas expressed in the Book Of Revelation.  

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Book Title: A Layman's Understanding Of The Book Of Revelation!

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